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"Closed for Summer Holiday"

The shop will be run at a leasurely pace for the two coming weeks (w.27-28) due to some vacation time. I will try to handle questions and orders as I can, but since I will be away for these two weeks shipments will at least be delayed for 2 weeks.

Have a nice summer all!

Jay's Audio

Really pleased to announce that ARK Audio now is an official reseller for Jay's Audio! 

Read more here.

ZMF headphones

A number of ZMF headphones have arrived - Verité Closed and Atticus.

Let me know if you want to listen.

Co-operation with Thomas Audio:

Read more about the co-operation at "demo units in Örebro"

Welcome to ARK Audio!

The HiFi-store in a "smallish format". Here you will find quality brands from not so known suppliers such as:

Allo - supplier of DIY network streamers and DACs, such as the streamers DigiOne/DigiOne Signature and the 
DACs Katana and Boss. 

Feliks Audio - a Polish boutique manufacturer of well-respected tube amps. Their speciality is their headphone amps, e.g. the top-of-the-line Euforia

ZMF Headphones - an American supplier of hand-crafted headphones in wood. Almost all of their models have received really great reviews, such as the newcomers the Verite and the Aeolus.

Meze Audio - Rumanian supplier of first-rate headphones, such as the 99 Classics and the new top-of-the line headphone Empyrean.

Melodika - Polish supplier of first-rate and really affordable HiFi cables.

Please give me a call och drop me an e-mail if there is anything you are curious about and I will be glad to help!

NB! If you find a product from one of my suppliers that do not promote in my web shop just let me know and I will be happy to help to source those to.

Latest products

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