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Welcome to ARK Audio!

The HiFi-store in a "smallish format". Here you will find quality brands from not so known suppliers such as:

Audio Art Cables - American supplier of cables. Today promotes four different series in various price ranges.

Kinki Studio - firstly a supplier of amplifiers that are truely wonderful. Amazing price/performance ratio for their units.

Jays Audio - mostly known for their units within the digital domain. Especially their CD-transport CDT2 - MKIII is something really special.

Allo - supplier of DIY network streamers and DACs, such as the streamers DigiOne/DigiOne Signature and the 
DACs Revolution and Boss. 

Feliks Audio - a Polish boutique manufacturer of well-respected tube amps. Their speciality is their headphone amps, e.g. the top-of-the-line Euforia

ZMF Headphones - an American supplier of hand-crafted headphones in wood. Almost all of their models have received really great reviews, such as the newcomers the Verite and the Aeolus.

Meze Audio - Rumanian supplier of first-rate headphones, such as the 99 Classics and the new top-of-the line headphone Empyrean.

Melodika - Polish supplier of first-rate and really affordable HiFi cables.

Please give me a call och drop me an e-mail if there is anything you are curious about and I will be glad to help!

NB! If you find a product from one of my suppliers that do not promote in my web shop just let me know and I will be happy to help to source those to.


xDuoo - quality for the price conscious in the lower price segment
For those who want to try getting a tube amplifier for their headphones, I have just started stocking xDuoo's headphone amplifiers, most of which are tube hybrids. Felt that I was missing this type of product in my range, so it feels really good to be able to offer their products in the future. If you then want to test to see what happens with these small devices when you upgrade to a better electron tube, that is also possible by choosing one of the SELECT tubes that Ray Tubes provides. For many of xDuoo's tube amplifiers/hybrids, there are ready "packages" where Ray Tube's electron tubes can be obtained at a slightly discounted price.

You can see all xDuoo's products here.

Chi-Fi at its best

Kinki Studio is now available from ARK Audio. Really awesome products at prices that are much lower than comparable products from many established manufacturers. E.g. take a peek at the integrated amp EX Series M1+, or at the pre-amp EX Series P7 together with the two-channel amp EX Series M7 or the mono blocks EX Series P7.

EX Series M1+ integrated amp, and the EX Series P7 and B7 amplifier combination are now available for demo.
Contact me for a demo!

Jay's Audio

Really pleased to announce that ARK Audio now is an official reseller for Jay's Audio! 

Read more here.

ZMF headphones

All the different ZMF cans are now available for testing. 

Let me know if you want to listen.

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